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Update 23
Jul 1, 14 11:32 AM
Cradle of Life is Recruiting
Jun 25, 14 12:30 PM
CRADLE of LIFE - Players of Virtue
Jun 13, 09 12:19 PM
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We all would like to welcome you to "Cradle Of Life". The guild has grown in size and renown, and we would like to continue this trend. In order to do so, we challenge our members to be active within our guild.(More activity equals more renown!)

We, the leadership, have learned that as DDO has evolved to be more competitive, we too must evolve as a guild to remain competitive with these changes. We have very active members who play on a daily basis, who contribute extensively to the guild's renown. It is through there efforts that we are rewarded with the ammentities now available from the guild airship. And it is our responsibility as guildies to make sure that those efforts are not made in vane.

It's all about TEAM work and RESPECT!!!

We can't expect a handfull of players to carry the entire guild,,,as a guild we should be doing the opposite. To achieve this, we require that all guild members be "active participants" in the guild. ALL guild members are required to keep their accounts active by logging their characters on a regular basis. Any characters not played in one months time will be permanently removed from the guild membership.

This is an active guild, not a storage guild. If you do not intend to be an active player, this may not be the guild for you. If you feel that you are up to the challenges of being an active member of the "Cradle of Life", we encourage you to come grow with us. 
Our guild was founded on the principles of helping new players in their quest to become better players. "Griefing" is not an issue in this guild. Our members are very informative and helpful due to their years of in-game knowledge and experience. If you have a question,,someone in the guild has an answer.

Our website is very user friendly and informative. Any information you want or need to know about DDO can probably be found here. (Thanks to the various postings from our Officers and Members)
When members have questions, concerns. or ideas for the guild, we encourage them to use the website and forums to make themselves heard.

It is our hope that your experience in DDO is prosperous, and fruitful!(No pun intended)

Thank You
GaPeach :)   aka: pandorasddo
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Update 23

pandorasddo, Jul 1, 14 11:32 AM.
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Cradle of Life is Recruiting

Jeff Jenkins, Jun 25, 14 12:30 PM.
     As you probably noticed in my shouts, COL is taking steps to generate new activity within the guild. This means that we are going to begin actively recruiting new members to the guild, in an effort to provide more playing opportunities for other guild members. 
     Cradle of Life has been around since 2007, and for the first few years we were very active, with many members. Sadly, we have seen a decline over the last two years in membership, which equates to a lot less activity. However, we have managed to survive and still maintain productivity, as we have achieved guild level 90. Not bad for such a small guild with just a few daily players.
     Now, we have our sights set on returning to the glory days of COL, when the guild activity was high and the members were numerous. We can only do this from recruitment, and staying involved and informed. We've had our share of bad recruits in the past, and I am sure that we'll have some bad eggs in the future as we try to grow. But don't let that discourage you from enjoying the game to it's fullest, as these kind of problems always seem to work themselves out.
     The guild leadership have discussed some ideas for recruiting, along with ideas for guild events, guild runs, guild raids, and so on. We are very excited, and hope to bring you more information as we move forward with our plans. Be on the lookout for new guildies, and be sure to make them feel welcome.  

See you in game!!

CRADLE of LIFE - Players of Virtue

Sir Ebon, Jun 13, 09 12:19 PM.
Late one night, while waiting to fill and enter the SHROUD with a PUG party, the subject of Guilds became the subject of conversation.

It started out with grumbling and griping about how bad some guilds were, and how mean the members could be to other players. There were stories of players booted mid-quest, or dropped for the most trivial of reasons during some Guild runs. Certain Guilds were singled out as having the worst reputation for understanding and openness to other players - yet, it was mentioned that even in these disliked guilds there were players who could still be kind and generous. As the conversation turned to player generosity, the topic shifted to which Guilds were the best. Which Guilds have the nicest, most helpful, and understanding members.

So, here I sat [on one of my un-guilded toons] listening as other players gossip about the guilds in the game. And as the subject turned to the better Guilds, someone mentioned Cradle of Life. Immediately, there was a huge response from several people about how helpful and patient CoL members are. As the pride welled up inside me, I listened as different people from different Guilds praised CoL as one of the top guilds in the game for our helpfulness, understanding & patience, and fun attitudes. Some of our members were actually mentioned by name [including one of my alts] - It was all I could do keep quiet and listen to see just how we are perceived by others.

While this in no way proves anything, I think it goes far toward showing that our guild is making a positive impression on the DDO gaming community. We should all take pride in the way we are viewed by others in the game -especially when you consider the fact that we do this for the joy of the game, and that we don't put any effort into being anything other than ourselves.

We may not be the biggest Guild ... we may not be the toughest, richest, or most powerful Guild ...

We are the CRADLE OF LIFE ... the best place to be for a great game experience. I want to say thank you to all of my extended game family. And THANK YOU ALL for being who you are ! ! !
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